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One of the toughest difficulties of this on-line ministry is the challenge of keeping a service free for all who want to use it, while at the same time keeping the the ministry on-line and continuing to grow it. To help meet this challenge, we have created the Supporting Partners program.

The Supporting Partner program helps us fulfill our mission of getting more traffic to fundamental Baptist, KJV web sites AND it provides the necessary financial support that this work requires.

Supporting Partners get:

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A Supporting Partner membership is $69 $49 (special price through 7/27/08) for one year. To sign up, complete the form below:

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Current Supporting Partners

SwordSearcher Bible Software: Download Windows Bible Software
Windows Bible software with numerous user-friendly features to improve your Bible study. Includes dozens of study resources.

Our King James Bible Bookstore offers KJV Bibles Only, Conservative Christian Music You Can Trust with 100s of selections, KJV friendly books, Family DVDs, and more. We currently have in stock over 11,000 titles! We wholesale to bookstores and supporters that buy in quantity. Check with us for discount pricing! We guarantee the lowest price or we will match it!

Baptist Wholesalers
This site is dedicated to helping churches keep more money in the Lord's work where it belongs. This is an online wholesale site owned by an independant fundamental Baptist to help independant fundamental Baptist churches, mission works and schools get office equipment, supplies, hymnals and more (added frequently)at wholesale prices. We want to help your church or ministry see your dollars do more for the Lord's work!!

Christian Manhood, Christian Character, Christian Leadership, Polite Moments, Rooted In Christ, AND MUCH MORE!

Simply Modest
Simply Modest is a website dedicated to providing wholesome and modest clothing for infants, girls, and ladies at the most inexpensive prices possible.

Software for Pastors, Staff and Ministries
Software for pastors, staff and church leaders.

Cherith Bible Institute Online
A three-year on-line systematic study of Bible truth, doctrine, ethics, and communication. The program is designed to help equip local church workers and uses the weekly written lecture, student note format. There is no tuition cost to the student.

Johnny The Baptist
This site proclaims the Gospel like it use to be in Revivals and Campmeetings with audio and written sermons preaching Bible doctrine from the KJV.

King James Bible Page - Defending the KJV - Westcott and Hort's Magic Marker Binge - KJV Dictionary
Check out the Amazing Westcott and Hort Magic Marker Binge and watch a pair of unbelieving scholars go hog-wild with red ink all over the Bible. Also check out the KJV Dictionary and articles defending God's book!

Animal Alley Ministries
Animal Alley Ministries uses live exotic animals to teach good Christian Character and Creation

Steve Curington Ministries
The founder of Reformers Unanimous has a new site where he teaches about the Spiritually Victorious "Hidden Life".

Serenity Through Hope Ministries
Serenity Through Hope Ministries is a Ministry that the Lord has lead me to begin, my heart tells me that we are here to minister that there is hope for everyone regardless of their past, through Christ, that they may receive Salvation by the grace of God.

Faithful Word Baptist Church
This site offers audio sermons, essays, and information about this brand new church in Phoenix, Arizona. Faithful Word Baptist Church is a KJV-only, soul-winning, independent, fundamental Baptist church.
Free mp3 and realaudio sermon downloads. Only the hardest preaching will be featured. Independent, fundamental Baptist.

Gospel Light Baptist Church (Laurel,Ms.)
Gospel Light Baptist Church of Laurel, Ms.
Get the best gift you can ever hope to receive. And if you already have it, then send this site to a friend and let them know how they can get it!

Good Samaritan Baptist Misison Inc.
We are a Baptist Mission working in Central America for over 35 years. Our ministries include, 9 radio stations, 5 Christian Schools, 36 Feeding Centers, 0ver 200 churches and we host over 20 mission trips each year to Honduras

KJV1611.COM Bookstore
KJV1611.COM is a bookstore catering to the needs of the King James bible believing community. Offering books and DVDs for the serious student of the King James Bible. Low Prices!

Spreading the Gospel for over 60 years through radio, printed page, evangelistic meetings,Internet. 17 years with Evang. Oliver B. Greene.

Western Gosple Internet Broadcasting
wgib is a internet raido sation that plays 24hrs7days week with gosple music and Fundamntal,Baptist Preaching a ministry of the Prayer Baptist Church,Orleans NE

Hearts in Service just for You
Independant fundamental baptist site for ladies. Bible studies,recipes,baby care,books and more.To help and support the ministry of the home.

Baptist Ink
Baptist Ink carries a wide assortment of Baptist materials, including conservative music and Baptist books across many topics. Baptist Ink carries well known Baptist authors, as well as lesser known authors.

FREE eBooks! All Subjects Including Homosexuality, Abortion and The Rapture
We sell Christian eBooks on almost every Bible subject and Doctrine
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Fundamental baptist preaching and doctrinal beliefs.



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