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One Million Impressions

Thank you for your interest the One Million Impressions promotion. We believe that this project will provide significant exposure for the participating web sites.

Could you use some additional customers over the next few months? Or, some additional donors, or partners in prayer? Here's your opportunity to put your site in front of a Baptist audience for an incredibly low price.

When you join the One Million Impressions campaign, your icon (108 pixels wide by 36 pixels high) will go on FundamentalTop500.com and the Fundamental.org Church Directory (KJV, IFB churches). Your icon will stay there, above the fold, until it has been shown 1,000,000 times. "Above the fold" means that it will always be displayed on the part of the page that is visible to the visitor when they first load the page, without scrolling down.

You can supply up to three different icons (only one will be shown at a time) for your site, and you can change them up to once a month simply by sending us your new icon(s).

If you need help creating the icons, we can help by having our professional create them for you for a token $5 apiece.

At current traffic patterns, your icons will run for 11-13 months before reaching the one million mark. This provides steady, long-term exposure for your site.

The cost for participation in this program is a one-time $299, which means that your rate per 1,000 impressions is under 30 cents -- and that's with prominent placement on our pages! Current participants are getting targetted, interested clicks for as low as 11.5 cents each! (the cost per click is figured based on the one-time $299 cost -- there are no other fees)

To get the ball rolling, please proceed to the checkout. For your security, all of our credit card transactions are processed via Paypal. This means that your credit card information will be processed through Paypal's secure servers and will never be processed or stored on our server. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay by credit card.

Update: There are currently 3 slot(s) open in the program.

How many "slots" do you want in the program: $349 $299 each


Participating sites are subject to approval by Baptist Ministries. If a site is declined for some reason, the enrollment fee will be promptly refunded in its entirety.

Would you like:

  • steady, long-term promotion?
  • targetted, interested clicks?
  • economical exposure?

Then, the Million Impressions Campaign is for you! Read to the left to learn all about how it can help your web site.

Your Ad Shown One Million Times On:

  • FundamentalTop500.com
  • Fundamental.org's Directory of KJV Baptist Churches

Real exposure to a targetted, interested audience.

$349 $299 each