2017 Annual Sponsor Program

Thank you for your interest in our Annual Sponsor Program.

Each year, we seek 12 Annual Sponsors for FundamentalTop500.com. The number is capped at 12 in order to preserve value for participants.

 Only 3 slots left 

The Annual sponsor program is designed to cover our baseline expenses for the year, so it is perhaps the single most important promotional program we offer. It is certainly the most effective promotional package we offer during the year.

The Annual Sponsorship package cost for 2017 is $419. Reserve your spot today and get a $120 discount.

As a special benefit to our sponsors, we will also announce our Annual Sponsors in a mailing to our KJV Baptist Church Directory church contacts, which amounts to about 7,000 e-mails.

FundamentalTop500.com Annual Sponsorship with discount:

Number of slots to reserve for you:
 $419 $299 one-time payment 

Following are the benefits that you will get as a FundamentalTop500.com Annual Sponsor for the coming year:

  • Listing on the "Sponsors" page at FundamentalTop500.com
  • The ad (which is the only ad other than the classifieds) at the top of the monthly newsletter for one issue during the year of sponsorship
  • A classified ad in every newsletter emailing during the year of sponsorship
  • 50,000 banner ads shown for your web site
  • An "Extended Listing" for the year (the new listing style with the icon, Google-friendly link, and site description). If you already have an Extended Listing, your listing will be extended for an additional year.
  • Your Site link on the FundamentalTop500.com home page for all of 2017!
  • BONUS for you: Your site and link will be announced as an Annual Sponsor in our next monthly issue of our member newsletter, going out to over 2,000 KJV, independent Baptist web site owners and ministry leaders.

To get the ball rolling, please proceed to the checkout. For your security, all of our credit card transactions are processed via Paypal. This means that your credit card information will be processed through Paypal's secure servers and will never be processed or stored on our server. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay by credit card.

FundamentalTop500.com Annual Sponsorship with discount:

Number of slots to reserve for you:
$419 $299 one-time payment


Church Directory Combo Package:

Save more by also getting an annual sponsorship on our KJV Church Directory. Details of the Church Directory sponsorship are at 2017 KJV Baptist Church Directory page (opens in a new window). Use the button below to purchase both a Church Directory Sponsorship and a FundamentalTop500.com sponsorship at a special combo price.

Both Sites: Number of slots to reserve for you:
$718 $525

Not only do you get significant exposure for your web site, but your Annual Sponsorship also touches many ministries around the world through our free traffic programs and our free and low-cost web site development and hosting programs. You sponsorship blesses an innner-city rescue mission, rural churches, missionaries, evangelists, and many others.

I invite you to get started today.

Thank you!