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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages on my web site may I add the logo to?
You may add the logo to as many pages as you like. The logic behind this is that the rankings become more meaningful when hits across an entire web site are tracked. Traditional web counters track hits to one page, usually the home page, while The tracks hits to all of the pages on a site. When looking at site traffic, it's important to look at how long people spend at a site and how much they use it, rather than just looking at how many times the home page is loaded. By counting all page hits, we thus get a truer picture of a web site's popularity and usefulness.

May I add the logo more than once on a page
No, since that would register two hits instead of just one each time the page is loaded. Any attempt to artificially inflate the hit count for a web page by placing multiple logos on one page, refreshing the page in order to reload the logo, etc., is dishonest. We cannot constantly police every site represented on, but when we find cheaters we remove them. It's inconceivable that cheating would have to be an issue that we need to address with fundamental Baptist, KJV web site owners, but it is.

The logo is showing up as a broken graphic on my web page . . . what's wrong?
There could be a number of causes for this. The most common, however, is that the code has been somehow mangled. This sometimes happens when copying the code from the e-mail you receive upon signing up, since some e-mail programs insert linebreaks into the code. If you think this may be the case with you, then you should login and copy the code from the web site instead of the e-mail. If you continue to have trouble please feel free to contact us for help at

Why are the numbers on list different than my own counter?
The most common reasons for this are: 1) Maybe your counter doesn't count hits to all pages on the site; 2) Sometimes a user visits your page but moves on or cancels before the logo is loaded (thus the hit is not recorded) or before your counter script is executed.

Why are the numbers on list different than the numbers for my web site that another ranking site shows?
The numbers on FundamentalTop500 are sometimes higher than those on similar rankings sites. Often, and user's browser will cache (save a copy) of a graphic. When the graphic is called again, the browser loads it from the hard drive instead of fetching it from the server across the internet. In these cases, hits are not recorded since the server was never contacted to load the graphic. We have taken precautions to make sure that the FundamnetalTop500 logo does not get cached, but every web browser is different, so there are no guarantees.

May I purchase advertising on
We do offer sponsorship opportunities.

Why does exist?
We want to help like-minded Christians promote their web sites to the widest possible audience. For more about this, see the About page.

How do I get my site's listing put in bold-face?
We started our bold-face program in 2000 in order to thank people who provided special support to this work. For a contribution of $18 or more your site will appear in bold-face for a year. If you wish to participate in this opportunity, e-mail us at with the name of your web site. You may mail payment to Baptist Ministries, PO Box 5283, Evansville, IN 47714, or you may use the link below to pay using PAYPAL:

How do I provide financial support to
Thank you for asking! We very much appreciate any support that our friends send, and no gift is too small. Gifts are not tax deductible, as we are not a 501(c)(3) organization. You may mail a check or money order to Baptist Ministries, PO Box 5283, Evansville, IN 47714, or you may use the link below to send money using PAYPAL:


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